Islamic account without swaps

Swap free account: trading without swaps

Swap Free is a special account for special trading strategies. Originally, Swap Free was designed for traders who can't use swaps due to their religious beliefs. However, this account can be valuable to traders who employ long-term strategies, as the absence of swaps means no extra expenses when transferring a position through midnight.
Enjoy efficient trading with Swap Free!

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Advantages of Swap Free accounts

  • With Swap Free, you do not pay for the transfer of positions through midnight
  • Over 150 trading instruments
  • Multicurrency account with convenient leverage up to 1:500
  • Set up Swap Free in your Private Office with one click.
  • You can hold several accounts of different types at the same time, including those with and without swaps.

What is SwapFree?

Exchange rates change every day, which is why a difference appears when transferring a position to the next day. This difference is expressed in swaps, and in a way can be considered a payment for the transfer of a position.
If you employ long-term strategies, swaps can negatively affect your trading results. Swap Free account gives you an opportunity to trade long-term without swaps.

How to start making profits with a Swap Free account

  1. Open an account.

  2. Deposit using any convenient payment method.

  3. To start in trading, you'll need a platform. Download MetaTrader 4 or open WebTrader to trade right in your browser.

  4. Choose a strategy, instrument and place your first trade.

  5. Funds received from trading can be withdrawn in any convenient way . We guarantee fast transfer in operations of any amounts.

Perdagangkan mata uang, logam, atau saham merek-merek besar

Perdagangkan mata uang, logam, atau saham merek-merek besar

CFD saham perusahaan besar

Hasilkan uang dari perubahan harga saham merek-merek besar. Keuntungan dari kenaikan dan penurunan, yang berarti keuntungan dalam skenario apa pun.


Instrumen perdagangan hebat yang menjamin transparansi karena harga universal dan keuntungan tinggi karena volatilitas pasar.

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